Web Presence

Are you looking to create or change your web presence?

The Solution? It might be time to consider Circle R Development – a web application development partner with years of experience spanning web, desktop, mobile, enterprise, and cloud deployment for small to medium-sized businesses.

Circle R Development builds web applications with a "platform" mindset, utilizing an iterative agile approach that adapts to our client's requirements. The result is a responsive web application that is capable of reaching both the desktop and mobile visitor, delivering custom user experiences, and creating a competitive advantage for your small to medium-sized business.

Administrative Assistance

Are you looking to create or change your business' administrative processes?

The Solution? It might be time to consider Circle R Development – an administrative process partner with years of experience developing and enhancing administrative reporting, correspondence and business intelligence analysis for small to medium-sized businesses.

Circle R Development brings years of experience to building and improving admistrative processes. We can assist with your business intelligence analysis by providing consulting and development services for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Power BI dashboards. We can also provide assistance with email campaigns using tools and services such as Constant Contact or MailChimp. We also provide assistance with proofreading, transcription, document preparation, Microsoft PowerPoint and many other administrative assistance services. The result of which is data and business intelligence reporting and outreach processes that create a competitive advantage for your small to medium-sized business.

So, if you need assistance with creating or enhancing administrative processes, enhancing and/or modernizing an existing web presence, or need a partner to get you from ideas to prototype to launch, Circle R Development provides the expertise to get you there without breaking your budget.

About Circle R Development

Circle R Development was formed in 2009 by Steven and Ronda Hill, a husband and wife team. Steven is a software developer and consultant developing business software since 1984 and web based software since 2002. Ronda is an executive administrator working in business administration since 1992. We have relationships with other individuals and companies which allow us to service any size project. We are a virtual company that is ready and able to help any small to medium-sized business achieve their web presence initiatives. We also offer on-site assistance to communities near our home base of Martin, Georgia - neighbors like:

  • Anderson, SC
  • Athens, GA
  • Carnesville, GA
  • Clarkesville, GA
  • Commerce, GA
  • Cornelia, GA
  • Fairplay, SC
  • Hartwell, GA
  • Seneca, SC
  • Toccoa, GA
  • Westminister, SC

We consult with clients to identify and plan their web presence initiatives and/or administrative assistence requirements. We then collboratively develop and deploy those desired solutions.

Our commitment to open source solutions and keeping up to date on emerging techniques and technologies is what enables us to provide well foundationed solutions with innovation and agility to help our clients achieve thier goals in reasonable timeframes and at reasonable costs.

Our past experiences with respect to developing and using enterprise solutions allow us to leverage those experinces to bring better solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.

Your Partner of Choice for

  • Web presence strategizing and consulting
  • CMS/CRM module customization / development
  • Custom web application development
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet development
  • Microsoft Power BI development and consulting
  • Data modeling
  • Data reporting
  • Building a social media business presence
  • Modernizing your site to be mobile friendly
  • Creating effective user experiences

Our Tech

Our deep development expertise spans the spectrum of reusable frameworks and Content Management System platforms. Our preferred langauge is PHP and the Laravel framework, but we have worked with other frameworks such as Lumen, Silex, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii and Zend Framework as well as Play (java) and Catalyst (perl). With respect to Content Management Systems, we prefer Drupal and WordPress but have done work in others as well. Our preferred database is MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Open Source

We have expertise in open source CMS, e-commerce, and line of business web applications using PHP based frameworks and MySQL & PostgreSQL databases. We are advocates of open source, standing on the shoulders of giants in order to get to production with tried and true foundations to the solutions we build for you. This also gives you the peace of mind in knowing that there are large developer communities and therefore other devlopers familiar with the majority of your resulting codebase, should you choose to no longer want to work with us. We are not trying to trap you into having to work with us going forward.


We have been developing PHP solutions since 2002. You do not get much older than that in the PHP world and we have progressed through php3, PHP4, various versions of PHP5 and on to PHP7. PHP is our language of choice. We can help modernize your existing web application or custom build one for you. We prefer to use the latest version of Laravel (framework), October (CMS), Drupal (CMS) or WordPress (CMS), but we do have experience with other platforms as well.

Mobile First

Our web application solutions are based on a "responsive design" using the Bootstrap CSS library along with custom stylings. This is a mobile first development strategy that delivers a mobile friendly user experience across iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platforms as well as on modern desktop browsers. We find that most web presence solutions do not require a native mobile application and as a result, a responsive web applications saves money.


We can provide highly scalable hosting solutions for small to medium-sized busineses. We use the latest Ubuntu LTS version of linux operating system when building web servers in Amazon's AWS environment. We can provide system management, scheduling of automated tasks, and other services keeping the web servers updated and running smoothly. OR, we will work with any hosting provider of your choice. We can also provide, or help you select and configure, site monitoring services.

Social Media

We can assist with creating a business presence on Facebook and other social media networks.


We can help you create value with your web presence, with the processes of producing your vision of great customer experiences and with building a foundation of capabilities that support your entire web presence initiatives.

Our Services

We help small to medium-sized businesses build out their web presence. We consult with our clients to define their web presence initiative. We design and develop impactful web application solutions for high quality user experiences. We will also manage your web presence investments across their full life cycle.

Software Development Life Cycle Services

Software Development Life Cycle Services

We provide web application development / customization / modernization services for small to medium-sized businesses across the full life cycle of the project, from requirements gathering (learn), to data modeling and feature design (plan), to development (implement), to testing (measure) - "rinse and repeat" (iteration). We can also provide management and/or modernization of your existing web presence utilizing this same iterative methodology.

Hosting Services

Hosting Services

We can help you plan, build and manage your web site hosting strategy. We can build your solution in Amazon's AWS environment or assist you in choosing a hosting provider and build your solution there. We can provide monitoring services or assist you in choosing a monitoring service. We are happy to provide these services or work with providers of your choosing.

Strategy & Consulting

Strategy & Consulting

Let Circle R Development guide your solution architecture and help with selecting the right technology components for your web presence initiative, be it WordPress, Drupal or a custom built web application.

User Experience & Interface Design

User Experience & Interface Design

We can help design powerful and consistent multi-device user experiences to drive engagement and conversion.

How We Engage?

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